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CT Integrative Medicine

Our Approach

We at Connecticut Integrative Medicine believe a 15-minute conversation with our patients is not enough.


We get to know our patients.  Our first appointment will sometimes last an hour or more.  Your initial visit is a deep-dive, full medical and personal history as well as basic physical exam.   We know it is important to evaluate the whole body and not just a patient’s chief complaint.  To achieve wellness or to address your illness, we evaluate how the body’s many ‘systems’ interact.  Each of our patients deserves personalized assessment of how their body is working.  This takes time!


Our goal is to solve health problems by correcting physiologic dysfunction. We identify and correct deficiencies and imbalances as well as advise our patients on genetic propensities that might contribute to current and future dysfunction.


Our treatment protocols integrate natural modalities with cutting edge medical science.  Our evidence-based, natural tools, include botanical medicines, vitamins, minerals, biologically important organic compounds, nutritional / life style counseling and acupuncture.  These natural protocols work gently with the body to address imbalances and achieve sustainable good health. 


We rely upon the latest scientific research in all fields of medicine and healing, while utilizing advanced diagnostic testing.  Our diagnostic testing is personalized and we will often supplement regular blood work with special testing for genetic markers, neurotransmitter imbalances, food sensitivities, gut biome health and toxic loads.  These intensive diagnostic modalities guide our strategies for restoring balance and sustainable good health.



We recognize every patient is unique and has a very different path to their current state of health.  In our practice, every patient is treated as an individual, with unique treatment plans that best meet their individual needs.

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